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Stem Credential For People Certified™ Educational Research™ provides the leading and most affordable STEM education credentialing pathway for both informal educators (i.e. mentors, camp/after school instructors, etc.) and formal K-12 classroom educators. Our award-winning, online training program carefully studies curriculum standards and the latest in STEM pedagogy.

In 2012, Educational Research™ became the first organization in the world to issue a digital STEM certification credential to classroom educators. In 2018, Certified™ Online became the first-ever STEM education professional development training to be widely distributed by a major big-box retail chain.


Who We Certify

  • Pre K-12th Grade Educators
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Resource Providers
  • Instructional Specialists
  • Homeschool Instructors
  • Parents / Mentors
  • After School Instructors
  • Esports Facilitators
  • Tutors / Youth Care Workers
  • School Leaders / Principals
  • Virtual / Online Instructors
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • Classroom Supporters
  • Learning Facilitators
  • Camp Counselors
  • Data Coaches
  • STEM Enthusiats
  • Headstart Teachers

Benefits of Becoming Certified™ Certified™ Online provides participants with practical, classroom-tested, activities and resources to help them build sustainable STEM initiatives in virtually any environment, along with information about vetted Authenticated™ products.

  • Access 1,000+ pages of editable K-12 STEM lessons
  • Earn a digitally-encrypted employment credential
  • Expand the STEM compentency level of your students
  • Connect with a global, alumni base of STEM educators
  • Share your accomplishment on social media

Our course may qualify for up to 24 CEU's. However, each geography has individual requirements that vary depending on where you are in your licensing cycle. The recommendation is that you check local requirements specific to your region. Download our pre-approval form to assist you with the redemption process.


Advantages of Becoming Certified™

Whether addressing deficiencies in after school programming or the development of a new yearlong course, SER has reduced the need for costly textbooks, by providing the most economical and only blockchain-encrypted, training solution on the market.

  • Gain insights on the latest trends in STEM education
  • Build a strong, dedicated team using growth plans
  • Enhance organizational knowledge and STEM skill sets
  • Improve STEM communication through common language
  • Increase efficiency and reduce STEM program costs

Our Security

On the 6th anniversary of our team’s issuance of the world’s first STEM certification, we transferred the first-ever STEM credential into the blockchain on May 31st, 2018 (DLT ID #578411/STEM ID #11594446). Basic photo editing software or copier skills allows anyone to duplicate a paper certificate. Educational Research automatically submits each credential instantly into the blockchain which creates a permanent record that is impossible to change or alter. Our system cryptographically seals a record of all achievements, resulting in the ability for third parties to verify with absolute certainty that a record has not been falsely created once issued. This industry-pioneering, methodology eliminates fraud and technologically ensures the credibility of our trustmarks.

Over 14,000 Served With 99.4% Recommendation Rate

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25 Hour Online Course—Self-Paced With No Time Limit!

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Testimonials About Certified™

Educator, Dearborn Public School District

This STEM certification Course is the first of its kind to bring certified and non-certified teachers endless possibilities within STEM education making professionals more marketable. There are easy to follow chapters that allow educators to understand what goes into STEM curriculum. The content of this course will make anyone more prepared to understand and lead in STEM in any environment. I have saved a lot of time lesson planning and even used the modules to earn extra money, by running a drone camp.

Curriculum Developer, Creation Crate

I have been working with for over two years now and I must say, they have been great. They have provided certification opportunities for some of the teachers that we work with and have helped us in many other ways. Certified™ is an online version of their highly-successful live course—only much more affordable. If you are a teacher, mentor, librarian or parent who is interested in boosting your STEM knowledge, or know someone who is, I HIGHLY recommend taking this course.

Educator, Detroit Community Schools

I strongly recommend STEM Online Certification Course to other educators based on my personal experience. I learned a lot ,and was able to teach my students from this course. My class loved the bottle rocket lesson and loved it so much they wanted to do it everyday. So far it has been one of the best investments towards my teaching. The online courses were very easy to follow along and complete at my own pace. I also loved how accessible staff was for all of my questions.

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Learn why we are #1 globally Certified™ coursework features thought provoking articles, interviews, resources and eclectic strategies to support parents, mentors and educators at home, in the classroom and beyond.

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