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About is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Since 2001, its leadership has assisted with key initiatives that have been critical to the overall growth and proliferation of the movement, including early work on the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. Its team demonstrates the best in pedagogics / andragogics, supporting the world’s top brands, organizations and thousands of educators globally.

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On the 6th anniversary of our team’s issuance of the world’s first STEM certification, we transferred the first-ever STEM credential into the blockchain on May 31st, 2018 (DLT ID #578411 / STEM ID #11594446). Basic photo editing software or copier skills allows anyone to duplicate a paper certificate. Educational Research automatically submits each credential instantly into the blockchain which creates a permanent record that is impossible to change or alter. Our system cryptographically seals a record of all achievements, resulting in the ability for third parties to verify with absolute certainty that a record has not been falsely created once issued. This industry-pioneering, methodology of protection eliminates fraud and technologically ensures the credibility of our trustmarks.


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We are thrilled to share with you our algorithmic STEM accreditation (ASTEMA) one-page overview.

We believe access to quality STEM education is a social justice issue and that ALL schools should be assessed equally and ethically. This research is currently under review for publication.

One-Page Abstract


Andrew B. Raupp, IEL FellowExecutive DirectorAndrew is an educational leader, entrepreneur, and visionary with nearly 20 years of international experience. In 2001, he founded Educational Research. Since its inception, he has worked with over 142,500+ pre K-12th grade students and over 14,000 educators globally. In addition to being at the forefront of STEM research, Andrew and his team developed the first STEM validation framework for teachers, schools, and products, which they successfully secured using blockchain. As the inaugural inductee into the Crypto STEM Initiative, Andrew advocates for full transparency and the democratization of STEM funding using the latest technology. Andrew has been featured in MIT’s Around Campus, Columbia University's New Learning Times, was selected as one of Oakland County’s 40 Under 40 Elite, and as an Emerging Leader by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is a regular contributor to Forbes.

Megan WetzelDirector (US)Megan is an educator and writer in Detroit. She developed her STEM education philosophy over the years while teaching at a variety of grade levels, ranging from preschool through middle school, and while completing her BS in Education at Central Michigan University. Megan appreciates teaching other educators the latest STEM pedagogy and how to best engage their classrooms.

Gavin McLeanDirector (Asia Pacific)Gavin McLean is a STEM and Digital curriculum consultant with EDconnect in New Zealand, and Global Innovation Practitioner / STEM Ecosystem Consultant at Business Wave in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With over 20 years of experience in STEM and innovation, Gavin aims to seamlessly embed technology into effective teaching strategies and learning environments. He is a virtual learning environment designer, as well as a curriculum specialist who strives to improve student engagement and achievement. Gavin is currently pursuing a PhD in Virtual Learning Environments.

Vishwesh ChavanDirector (Eurasia)Vishwesh is a physicist, technologist, researcher, entrepreneur, and STEM innovator. He serves as Director of Teqdise Hypeketing Pvt Ltd, a global tech company that crafts software based solution for education. He is passionate about emboldening students and has contributed greatly to STEM education initiatives in Eurasian countries.

Navaneeth RahulDirector (BRICS)Based out of Bengaluru, India, Navaneeth Rahul is the Co-founder of Innoverts Network and serves as a strategic planner at covering BRICS+ nations. A highly recognised evangelist and consultant in the Education sector, his ability lies in building partnership alliances while devising STEM-based solutions to empower 21st century innovation.

Sana Farid, PhDDirector (Middle East/North Africa)Sana is Co-founder and CEO of Munfarid Consulting, an augmented reality and virtual reality education consultancy. Sana is a researcher, qualified surgeon, and ambassador of women empowerment groups. As an artificial intelligence strategist, Sana strives to spread awareness of the power of immersive technology in learning. She was listed as one of the top 100 women transforming the future of Bahrain, and featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Harvard Business Review.

Syed Munawar ShahDirector (SAARC)Shah is an educationist having 36 years of rich experience in the education sector, with a leadership position as a Chairman QPSP (Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan) associated with PIQC PakistanInstitute of Quality Control. He is founding member and Chief Executive of SKOOL21; an educational Company working on STEM Education in Pakistan.

Phil GibsonStrategic AdvisorAn experienced entrepreneur and economic strategist, Phil currently owns the education consulting company, Polaris Strategies, LLC, which partners with many education and sports education companies throughout the world. Previously, Phil was founder and CEO of the highly respected international STEM education company, Digital Media Academy, for 17 years.

Shelly D. SmithCreative DirectorWith over 20 years of graphic design, marketing and communications experience, ‪Shelly D. Smith has created graphics, websites, textbooks, professional development materials, and created successful brands for all types of industries. Prior to serving as Creative Director for STEM.ORG, Shelly was Director of Communications for a large non-profit health system, where she oversaw rebranding the company and all corporate marketing and communications initiatives. The education sector and STEM are her areas of focus/passion and she is the "go to" source for precision STEM graphics! Shelly partnered with companies such as 3D Systems and Rubik's Cube. She also partnered with large non-profits, such as the Boy Scouts of America, where she assisted with the development of their STEM initiatives at Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico.

Antonia LlullDevelopmental PsychologistAntonia has over 20 years of experience in occupational therapy. She is CEO of MPowerMe, LLC, which conducts toy and game assessments, and makes product recommendations that take into account specific developmental concerns and therapeutic benefits. Her goal is to foster well-being, learning, and happiness in children with special needs. Antonia is also president of the charitable organization, Dream Big, Inc.

Kristopher MartelTechnology Administrator"It's impossible" are two words you'll never hear out of Kristopher's mouth, especially when it comes to making sure the overall experience at is of the highest quality. Having nearly 20 years of web development experience in tow, Kristopher continually stays up-to-date on all the newest web-based practices and how to utilize them best for each of his clients. When he's not wearing his site-building hard hat, Kristopher is a writer and published author covering the Nashville Predators for FOX Sports Tennessee.

BOT LATAMA Latin American based consulting firm, BOT LATAM offers companies tailored support through analysis and validation of current marketing trends. Areas of expertise include mining, gas and oil, and the consumer market.

What People Are Saying

Donovan Colquitt

Founder, The Scholar's Key and Engineer

The online certification course was engaging, intriguing, and gave me a better grasp of STEM concepts and education. There was never a dull moment. I discovered exciting new ways to get K-12 students interested in STEM, and learned how to develop an education plan in accordance with Next Generation Science Standards. The certification gave me many fresh ideas to use with my classes.

Kristin (Naughton) Griffith

STEAM Coordinator, Auburn Hills Christian School

Our school has completely changed for the better since we’ve trained with We teach children from preschool through grade 12, so it can be difficult to find programs that cater to all of our needs. took into account the grade level taught by each educator and also gave us ways to work towards a common goal. The support we have received since becoming accredited has been invaluable.

Chris Tidwell


Since we’ve partnered with to evaluate our magnetic children’s toys, our knowledge about STEM education has grown immensely. The team provides affordable, practical insights drawing from their years of experience to identify market trends which has helped us better identify a path forward. Since earning the authentication trustmark, our customers have taken notice which has led to increased marketshare.

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