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The Authenticated™ trustmark streamlines consumer’s ability to identify goods that conform to the organization’s vetted standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents and educators observe the Authenticated™ Seal, they know products will:

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Benefits of Becoming Authenticated™ is the leading and exclusive third-party validator of STEM toys, games and other learning resources. Each product credential is now cryptographically-secured and retailers like Staples, Inc. are using the terminology Authenticated™ on their websites under the specifications tab. Retailers and distributors are also utilizing’s unique STEM ID#’s to organize and classify STEM products.

  • Winning consumer confidence resulting in, increased market share and consumers’ ability to identify the products that conform to standards, thus making quick decisions in favor of quality (i.e. for STEM product end cap applications, STEM product online retail pages and digital/print circular STEM learning features).

  • Protection against unfair competition from inferior goods on the market through: easy identification of products that conform since they carry the trustmark, recognized by schools, districts, organizations, government agencies and NGO’s globally—with some manufacturers/ distributors electing to use foil and holographic applications on their packaging.
  • The products bearing trustmarks are presented with a better image in both national and international markets resulting into: mutual recognition where manufacturers value each other’s products thus easing acceptance and promotion of them; and safeguarding the image and reputation of the manufacturer and/or distributor.
  • Liability reduction/ protection against those who may contest the viability of a STEM product, referring inquiries to to better convey the most thorough vetting process in the industry. utilizes a proprietary 100 point rubric scoring system. Explanatory documents are provided to each partner upon request to ensure quick responses to outside inquiries.

Advantages of Becoming Authenticated™

  • Retail partner fast-tracking & internal Search Engine Optimization aka SEO prioritization (i.e. Staples, Inc.)
  • Complimentary CAN-SPAM .xls list containing data on over 5,000+ top-performing US, K-12 STEM schools
  • Promotion on @stemdotorg social media channels and daily/weekly newsletters to tens of thousands of followers
  • Mentions in media publications and other published think pieces on STEM (i.e. Forbes, Newsweek, etc...)
  • Anti-counterfeit measures + custom, turnkey promotional trade show displays (additional fee)


Our Security

On the 6th anniversary of our team’s issuance of the world’s first STEM certification, we transferred the first-ever STEM credential into the blockchain on May 31st, 2018 (DLT ID #578411/STEM ID #11594446). Basic photo editing software or copier skills allows anyone to duplicate a paper certificate. Educational Research automatically submits each credential instantly into the blockchain which creates a permanent record that is impossible to change or alter. Our system cryptographically seals a record of all achievements, resulting in the ability for third parties to verify with absolute certainty that a record has not been falsely created once issued. This industry-pioneering, methodology eliminates fraud and technologically ensures the credibility of our trustmarks.

2,300+ Sku’s, 950,000+ Units Shipped and Sold Monthly

Evaluation Criteria Rubric Authenticated™

Cited By Toy Association, Inc. Panelists and Researchers

The Certificate Authenticated™ Credentials



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Testimonials About Authenticated™

Senior Marketing Manager, Learning Resources

Working with to achieve authentication for the original Botley and Botley 2.0 was such a pleasure. They value research-driven, hands-on learning and collaboration, and so does our organization. They've been a real champion of Botley from the very beginning and have assisted us with the development of a series of popular lessons to accompany it, along with several of our other best-selling products.

Senior Vice President, hand2mind

We knew we wanted Moving Creations with K'NEX to stand out, and really helped us distinguish our product from others—while validating our work in STEM education. We appreciate’s independent review process and sense of partnership. They have helped promote our products on social media and in publications like Forbes and Newsweek. The Authenticated™ trustmark works beautifully on our retail sites, packaging and marketing materials.

Founder & Owner, Gridopolis Games

Working with has been an incredibly positive experience. Not only are they a world class educational research organization, but their support has exceeded all of my expectations. Our Gridopolis Game was unique to the marketplace, but CEO Andrew B. Raupp saw its potential immediately. He worked with us closely through the authorization process. Later, he and his team supported us further with marketing and promotional initiatives.

CEO, Magformers®

Since we’ve partnered with to evaluate our magnetic children’s toys, our knowledge about STEM education has grown immensely. The team provides affordable, practical insights drawing from their years of experience to identify market trends which has helped us better identify a path forward. Since earning the authentication trustmark, our customers have taken notice which has led to increased marketshare.


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86% of Consumers Prefer Authenticated™ Educational Research™ abstains from paid affiliate partnerships. Interested parties can submit their items regardless of financial status on an ongoing basis and trust that SER does not financially benefit from the sale of any product bought or sold. Apply today!


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