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STEM Curriculum

A Customized Curriculum Increases the Impact of Learning


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3 Types of Credentials for Educators Around the Globe


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STEM Approved™ for Products

STEM Approved™ for Products

Does your gadget embody STEM? We'll endorse it.


STEM Accredited™ for Programs

STEM Accredited™ for Programs

A customized
curriculum increases the impact of learning


STEM Certified™ for People

STEM Certified™ for People

Do you think you know about STEM? Let's find out.

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Over 4,500 schools, districts, organizations, corporate clients, NGO’s and government agencies/officials trust to make them look like “rock–et” stars in their communities. We supply them with everything that they need in order to build and maintain sustainable, pre K-16 STEM programs by “teaching them how to fish.” Everything. Say goodbye to expensive consultants, one size fits all projects and content providers who tie you into lengthy contracts that waste your time and money.

As America’s foremost science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) organization since 2001, we’ve helped thousands of clients find success in STEM– and we can do it for you, too. If you don’t understand STEM, our experienced team team is here 7 days a week to talk you through it.

Still reading? Why? You could be signing up for our award-winning services. Maybe even begin that successful STEM program that you and your team have been thinking about. So what are you waiting for? Help us help you do STEM better.



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Associate Director


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Communications Director


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Content Director


Heather Miller, M. Ed

Project Lead


Maria Brodine, M. Ed.

Principal Investigator


Sean Sonneveldt, M.S.

Board MemberChair


Nadja Payok, M.Ed., M.S.

Education Director

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