Learn about the origins of STEM and ways to promote it

Master the CCSS and the NGSS while certiftying your staff and organization in STEM

Build STEM processes and gain understanding of the CCSS



A Scientific Offsite Interactive Learning field trip is a hands on learning expedition!

Extended Day


Extend student's learning up to four hours beyond the final bell!



Invigorate your regular school day with an interactive series of classroom adventures!

Sapere Aude™


Continue learning yearlong with a week of breathtaking kinesthetic STEM activities.

STEM Univ™

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Effective professional development training in a variety of relevant topics, using diverse research to create innovative strategies

STEM Plan™

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Valuable consulting, from an award-winning team to fast track STEM success

STEM Theatre™

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Enthrall, amuse and excite in a STEM.org Off-Broadway assembly experience

Distance Learning

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The self-paced, credit-bearing program allowing students to learn any subject without frustration or boredom!


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Explore beyond STEM and engage students in customized learning, including foreign language, ELA and Social Studies.

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